🥊 Battle of the Dips: Mayo Vs Hummus! BRING IT! Lots of it… (we have chips!)

Hummus - a healthy dip full of nutrients

Condiments (as we’ve already seen with ketchup) are often a bigger problem than the foods that we lavishly slaver them over. Today we are going to be talking about mayonnaise. Is it really all that bad?

Well, as it goes mayo isn’t as evil as many people would have you believe, but it’s certainly not good either.

One tablespoon of mayo contains around 90 calories, 10g of which are fat. Which isn’t good, but it’s not too bad, if you can restrict yourself to just one tablespoon!

The fat in mayo is actually pretty good fat. The body needs it to maintain good blood cholesterol levels. But it has to be in balance. Mayo contains a lot of omega-6, which is good, if you have enough omega-3 to maintain a healthy balance.

Most western diets are completely out of balance and mayo isn’t helping the situation. The result is an increased risk of inflammatory disorders and heart disease.

The 1 spoon mayo challenge!

The biggest problem with mayo is how much of it people consume. I want to offer a little bit of a challenge for you. The next time you use mayonnaise, limit yourself to 1 tablespoon. So whether you’re using it as an ingredient, a condiment or both, your limit is one tablespoon, no more. Believe me, it doesn’t go nearly as far as you might expect!

I can very easily dip my way through a tablespoon of mayo with just 2 or 3 potato wedges.

So what delicious and healthy alternative is there to mayonnaise?

A great alternative to mayo is hummus. Hummus contains about 25 calories and 1.5g of fat per tablespoon. Which is a lot less than mayo! Also, the fat in hummus is very heart-healthy so you don’t have to be so stingy with your portions.

Hummus is incredibly versatile and works well in a wide variety of dishes. It makes a perfect dip, an excellent sandwich filler, works very well as a jacket potato topping and is even surprisingly good with fish (as well as all white meats).

The hero of hummus! 🦸🏻‍♀️

The main ingredient of hummus is pureed chickpeas, which are very high in protein, so particularly good for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Chickpeas are a good source of fibre, manganese, folate, iron and copper.

The combination of protein and fibre in chickpeas helps to slow your digestion, which makes you feel fuller for longer, reducing snacking between meals and promoting healthy weight loss.

Some studies have demonstrated that the manganese and potassium in chickpeas helps to prevent high blood pressure and controls blood sugar levels. They also contain plant compounds called saponins which are believed to prevent certain cancers from developing, as well as B vitamins which may be able to reduce the risk of lung or breast cancer.

Mayo certainly can’t do that!

So, give hummus a try. It’s actually very tasty. The next time you need a dip or a spread, or even a topping to tantalise your taste buds don’t reach for the mayo. Try hummus. It’s an easy switch to a healthier diet, and you can treat yourself to a lot more of it without feeling guilty too!

Better than ranch?!!?

Oh, and I almost forgot… try it on pizza! 🍕 It’s delicious!!! My go-to dip for pizza has always been ranch, but I’ve been using hummus a lot lately so I’ve got plenty in the fridge. I really didn’t expect it’d work but I thought I’d give it a try… it’s good… very good! Try it! (Not that you should be eating pizza of course but we’re only human!)

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