Apple Cider Vinegar – The Secret 🕶 Superfood that packs a punch! ✊🏻

Apple Cider Vinegar has some incredible health benefits
Apple Cider Vinegar is the secret superfood that can quickly restore your PH and boost your health

Drinking diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can lead to several truly remarkable health benefits. On this page let us consider just a few of them and with any luck motivate you to give this very well deserved Superfood a chance. I know that drinking Vinegar might not appear as pleasing as sprinkling it on your chips but as soon as you’ve found out some of the remarkable ways that it’ll improve your quality of life I’m certain you are going to be seeking reasons to incorporate more of it in your diet.

Ready to see what Apple Cider Vinegar Can Do For You? Let’s get started…

1 Reducing Your Blood Pressure Level

Yes we decided to start with a biggie. ACV contains acetic acid, which is not like other acids. It’s a good one! Acetic acid is commonly used in health applications and has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels, increase bloodflow in the digestive tract as well as reduce blood pressure.

2 ACV Helps Dieting

Far more research is needed in this area to be able to declare ‘scientifically proven’ but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests ACV is a miracle liquid with regards to weight loss. Some research does exist that supports this idea, individuals that were given ACV drops on bread reported feeling more satisfied compared with a test group even though eating less. The results of the research suggest that adding ACV to a meal will cause a person to feel full more quickly, therefore, you ingest a lesser number of calories. The scientific studies concluded that this change can easily lead to the average consumption of 250 less calories every day.

3 Apple Cider Vinegar Prevents the possibility of coronary disease

Lowering your blood pressure level is certainly a step in the right direction towards good cardiovascular health however that is not all ACV provides. It also includes chlorogenic acid, which happens to be the antioxidant responsible for stopping LDL cholesterol from oxidising. This is important for a healthy cardiovascular system and a significant contributing factor to the avoidance of coronary disease.

4 Helps make your meals more nutritious

ACV boosts the nutritional value of anything that you eat, although not by using it as a condiment, by drinking it. A watered down ACV solution ingested before food will improve the PH value of your gut acids making the digestive tract more efficient at getting all of those lovely little nutrients out of the food you eat and into the body. Aiding your digestive system has a few other benefits too, it helps reduce bloating and indigestion by destroying unhealthy micro organism and sterilising the digestive system.

5 Increases your bodies Alkalinity

This shocks most individuals so we’re planning to look at it in a little more depth. Vinegar is acidic, and as a result of our poor diet of refined food and goodies, our bodies are usually acidic too, and so you might feel that consuming a vinegar solution will make matters worse, right? Well for sure, it does… if you drink ordinary vinegar. But ACV isn’t like regular vinegar. As ACV breaks down inside your body it has an alkalising effect, therefore it organically alters your bodies PH toward alkaline. And why is that good news? For 2 reasons. One, the majority of bacterias and viruses cannot live in an alkaline environment and two, whenever your body isn’t alkaline enough it’ll steal calcium from your bones to attempt to maintain a PH balance. It’s this calcium leeching procedure that leads to many people suffering from early onset osteoporosis.

6 It makes you tougher!

ACV is really good news for the muscles. It possesses increased levels of potassium, which is 1 of seven crucial minerals that your body needs to operate properly. If you do not have sufficient potassium in your diet you are going to experience muscular discomfort and twitching. ACV will get rid of that. The acetic acid in ACV also enhances your muscles ability to transform carbs into energy, which is the energy resource that your body requires any time you hit the gym!

7 It helps to keep candida in check

Everyone has candida in our gut, and now and again (especially if we have a bad diet) it gets a tad unmanageable. The result… aching joints, digestive difficulties, stinky breath and feeling entirely knackered for no good reason.

ACV has very powerful anti-fungal qualities that keep candida under control. So if you have been feeling any of the above symptoms, maybe you ought to take a closer look at ACV and begin introducing it to your health regime.

To find out more ways that you can use ACV to improve your health click here. You are going to find out precisely how to use it to get the particular benefits which you need, what other incredible benefits this secret superfood can provide, and some terrific recipes to make sure that your entire family can start experiencing the benefits of ACV

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