Which fats are good for you? Coconut Oil 🥥 Vs Sunflower Oil 🌻

Coconut Oil is better than Sunflower Oil!
Coconut oil is the perfect healthy alternative to Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is frequently thought of as a healthy option, however let’s take a closer look……

Sunflower oil (and also Canola, Soybean, Corn and Safflower oil) is processed, so it’s not a natural healthy oil. Processed oils include a much higher trans-fat content, and when talking about fats, trans is bad!

Good and Bad Fats…

The Bad Fats

Refined oils, such as sunflower oil can lead to serious health issues, you really need to avoid them!
Vegetable oils, like Sunflower Oil can cause really serious health concerns!

Not all fats are bad, a number of them are required for good health. Bad fats are trans fats and vegetable fats – these are typically the kinds you want to steer clear of.

Bad fats (trans and vegetable) multiply our risk of being obese, cancer and coronary disease.

Bad, bad and also very bad.

(I believe that we can probably include the ‘very’ to all 3 bads!)

Exactly why are these types of fats so bad?

Because they are not natural. These kind of fats are in reality vegetable oils that have been through a synthetic process that makes use of high pressured hydrogen and multiple chemicals to convert them from oils into fats.

Vegetable oils are not good for the body. They may cause serious harm to your organs, particularly the lungs and reproductive system. Scary stuff!

One study even claims that vegetable oils emit hazardous cancer-causing chemical compounds.

Some other research has shown that a diet that is loaded with vegetable oils may lead to toxicity of the liver, reduced immune system and even learning disabilities! All bad. Very very bad.

Now for some good news…

The Good Fats

Coconut Oil is better for your health than Sunflower Oil!
Coconut Oil is better than Sunflower Oil!
Coconut oil is the ideal healthy replacement for Sunflower oil

Despite popular belief, saturated fats and cholesterol are in fact good fats, and our bodies need them in order to function effectively.

What’s the answer? Avoid using vegetable oils, like soybean, canola, sunflower, corn and safflower and as an alternative go with natural oils, like coconut or krill.

Healthy oils might cost extra in the short term, but consider the big picture. Isn’t your own long-term health worth investing a couple of extra dollars? Besides, medical treatments for all those scary medical concerns attributed to bad fats have a considerable price tag as well!

Additional benefits of Coconut oil

As well as being a wonderful replacement for trans fats in cooking, coconut oil is also a super food that has plenty of appealing health benefits and healing qualities.

  • Strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial components which can reduce a variety of infections from the flu to candidiasis thanks to the lauric and caprylic acid content
  • Known to develop cognitive function
  • Consisting of over 60% MCT oil, which gives a rapid burst of energy, increases rate of metabolism and doesn’t get stored as fat!
Superfoods can be used to substitute medicines without side effects
To find out more ways that coconut oil (as well as other superfoods) can boost your well-being we recommend ‘How to use SUPERFOODS as medicine” You can claim your copy here.

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