Oatmeal Cookies 🍪 The Delicious and Healthy Cookie Alternative

Oatmeal Cookies are a healthy and delicious alternative
Oatmeal Cookies are a Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Regular Cookies

Regular cookies (they don’t have to be chocolate chip) are full of sugar and refined white flower.

We shall talk about to sugar later. First, let’s have a quick delve into the horrifying reality of refined white flower.

Why is white flour bad for you?

Whole grain contains three parts. From the outside moving in we have the bran, which is an effective source of fibre, B vitamins and anti-oxidant, then there is the endosperm (the part that many people haven’t heard about!) this is the least valuable section of the grain, and predominantly consists of carbohydrates. Last but not least, in the centre, there is the germ, which incorporates protein, minerals, fat and more B vitamins.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the refining procedure that is used to make white flower does away with the bran as well as the germ and just focusses on the endosperm. The part of the grain which contains the least nutritional value.

Flour, and then ultimately cookies (as well as bread, or a variety of other foods) that is made from the endosperm is very damaging to your health. Why do they make it? Exactly why does refined white flour even exist? Because it keeps for a longer time. And foods that have a longer sell by date generate much more profit. (which evidently is much more important than our well being, right!?)

Refined white flower can cause an entire multitude of health problems. Including but definitely not limited to: putting on weight, diabetes, coronary disease, cancer, digestive function difficulties, the list goes on forever!

Now for the sugar

Sugar gets such a bad rep already that I don’t think I have to beat it down any more. Everyone knows it’s bad for us… but it makes food taste good, so we carry on eating it.

Many things taste just as good without sugar too. Oatmeal cookies are a good example. They get their sweetness from more healthy alternatives to sugar, like honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract, raisins, or maybe even chocolate!

Oatmeal cookies are also made using whole wheat flower, which still contains all of the good parts of the grain, just as nature intended.

I also think that I ought to point out that they actually taste better as well! Wouldn’t you think? To me at least, oatmeal cookies are more indulgent and sophisticated than normal cookies… and don’t get me started on oatmeal cookies with stem ginger! They always get the top secret hiding spot at the back of the pans! Much too good for kids!

Drop me a comment below to let me know which is your favourite cookie. Is it a nourishing luxurious oatmeal extravaganza like my stem ginger treats? If you love cookies, and you haven’t tried them yet, you really need to!

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